Improving my Abilities

Improving my Abilities Throughout my time in English 131.1 I have learned a lot of useful knowledge over the course of the semester. From learning about certain authors to specific times in history, it has all played a part in furthering my knowledge. To me the most important work I think I published was the […]


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The Wedding

In the play “Our Town”, there is a very important scene at the end of Act two. In this scene two high school graduates of the names, George Gibbs and Emily Webb, are going to have their wedding. Everyone that lives in the town are going to attend. Both parents on each side of the […]

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The Olympics Structure

In Eric Larson’s book The Devil in the White City, the prologue begins on the Europe bound Olympic. A man by the name of Burnham is sending a message to a friend who helped him build the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, Francis Millet, who is on the Titanic. While he is awaiting an answer from […]

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Mess Mason

My five year old little brother named Mason or what my family likes to call him mess Mason is the coolest little dude in the world. He looks at up at me like I’m a superhero and he always makes me smile. We call him mess Mason because he either makes a mess or he does something […]

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